Testing the Objective Redistricting Procedure

I am going to make public the testing of the objective redistricting procedure as I go. Having gone through phase I (Make a list), Phase II (Biunication), and Phase III, (Bisegmentation), we proceed to Phase IV. Equalization Here is the starting point.

After Bisegmentation, the next step is the Border Analysis Table. While it is too detailed to reproduce here, it reveals that after the initial Bisegmentation, the eligible border with the greatest difference in population is between Western India and Southwest Asia, with a difference of 354,540,343 souls, Western India’s advantage.

Now, in this process, you may read about shifting pieces of territory like chess pieces. Please understand that this is purely hypothetical, and obviously I don’t seriously entertain the idea of, say, breaking off a chunk of India and giving it to Pakistan. But I am using the whole world as the test case because the World is sufficiently complicated, geographically, to be an ideal test case. Can the World be divided into twelve equal parts, using an objective procedure that anybody could do and get the same answer? Let’s find out.

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  1. Your ‘starting point’ link is either blank or cannot be read by standard web-browser (i.e. ones at work 🙂 ).

    Do you have it in .gif format ?

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