The World, Halved and Re-Halved

“What are we going to do tonight, Brain?”

“The same thing we do every night, Pinky: Try to take over the world!”

But what would you do with the world once you’ve conquered it? My answer — start dividing it up again. The second step in the Objective Redistricting process (after step one – make a list of the constituent parts) is to merge everything together into one. The third step is to split the whole into smaller parts, with each split being such that the smaller part is not less than half the poplution of the larger part, until you have the number of segments that you want. Then you go to the fourth step, which is equalization, where, using a controlled process, you take pieces from larger sections and attach them to smaller sections.

Here is the tree of the merging process, which I call “Biunication”. Soon I will be uploading the objective criteria for how one constituency gets attached to another constituency, but for now, here is the tree.

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