Objective Redistricting: A Procedure

I have posted my Procedure for Objective Redistricting. I’m still testing it, getting bugs out, working through problems, and still have to write up a section about revising after a plan is already in place, but this should be enough to get anyone started.

Let me check it against my criteria previously posted:
1. No criteria other than base population considered. Check.
2. Makes geographic sense. This is what the testing is for, but so far, Check.
3. Administrative units kept in place whenever possible. Administrative units already in place are the backbone of the plan. Check.
4. Reproduceable given the same set of data? Check.
5. As simple as possible but as complicated as necessary? Well, if it can be simplified, I’d be in favor of it. Time will tell.
6. Procedure for modifying based on new data? I have one in my head, but I haven’t written it down yet. No point, I figure, until I’ve tested and gotten feedback on the original plan.
7. Creates a new line only at the lowest level? So far, the lowest level I’ve tested at is the Census Tract level, which, can range in size from a few city blocks to a few square miles. Below that you have the block level, and then then house level, but I think it will be difficult to get data that refined.

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